Go Pro Camera Films BMW Speeding Over A Cliff [Video]

Driving fast in a high-performance vehicle needs to be done responsibly – around a track, for instance. It’s not cool when done poorly on a twisting back road, where a pedestrian or animal could be hanging out. Just watch this unskilled driver learn a pricey lesson.

The driver, who goes by CarbahnM3 on YouTube,  says his Beemer “died doing what it was engineered and built to do.”

But, the car begs to differ. It was not engineered to be overpowered into a corner and then plow straight off a cliff. It was engineered to have skilled hands take it around crazy corners… at a track.

Luckily, those airbags saved the driver from what could have been a tragic and unnecessary crash.

This BMW E46 M3 died unnecessarily- I’d be thrilled to have it just sitting in my driveway, and not smashed to oblivion.


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