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Man Fleeing Cops Part 2: “Please Save Me From Drowning!”

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T.SAMPAIO/AFP/Getty Images

T.SAMPAIO/AFP/Getty Images

Apparently a man trying to flee police in Eastern Oregon forgot one crucial fact about himself when he decided to run from police officers in Irrigon, Oregon, and then jump in to the Columbia River: He Was  Deeply Out Of Shape. And maybe even: He Could Not Swim.

Officers chased him in a stolen car – going through two fences and a gate near Irrigon. Once the car got stuck, our criminal took off running, and then jumped into the nearby Columbia River. As he tried to cross the  cold depths, he resorted to doing backstroke to the other side, but tired himself out quickly and begged officers to come get him. They obliged, wading into chest-deep water to arrest 20-year-old Zacharay Lawrence Bartz.

He faces vehicle theft charges, among other counts. (Isn’t there a law against poor judgement?)

-Callahan, Jack FM Seattle


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