Bob’s Burgers’ Louise: On Her Comedy Central Meltdown And The Worst Stage In The World

Kristen Schaal is having a marvelous career. She’s a stand-up comedian, a voice actress on the hit show Bob’s Burgers, American Dad, The Simpsons, and you’ve seen her acting chops on 30 Rock with Tina Fey, Get Him To The Greek, and Dinner For Schmucks. She’s everywhere!

And, Kristen and the entire cast of Bob’s Burgers will be live on stage May 8th and 9th at The Neptune in the U district. Each voice actor, including John Roberts (Linda) and Eugene Mirman(Gene) and Kristen (who doesn’t want to go last) will do 10 minutes of stand-up. Then the cast will do a table read of a script never before seen or heard.  I asked Kristen how long that would be: ‘Oh, 4 to 5 hours.’

The whole interview with Kristen is great – she tells us about the worst experience ever doing stand-up, and what exactly happened during that now infamous meltdown during her Comedy Central special. (Her receiveing the Andy Kaufmann award now makes a lot of sense.)

Tickets to the show here.



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