The ‘Are You F*!&%# Kidding Me’ Report: Local Father Laces Kids’ Cookies With Meth

Okay, we realize the Puget Sound region can be a weird area — it’s where a lot of the country’s most notorious serial killers are from. It’s also where a Led Zeppelin groupie allegedly did some funny business with a fish. But this latest story we got is pretty bat**** crazy.

According to our content buddies at CBS Seattle, A South King County father is accused of lacing his children’s cookies with methamphetamines. (You read that correctly).

Your next question is probably, “why the **** would anyone do that?!” The alleged answer? “To discredit his ex-wife before an upcoming custody hearing.” That’s right. The report is that 37-year-old Chad Holm of Des Moines made cookies with meth in them so his 5- and 7-year old kids would give them to their mother.

Both children tested positive for the drug.

If you can stomach it, we suggest you read the full story Father Accused Of Lacing Children’s Cookies With Meth on CBS Seattle.


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