Martin Gore Talks: Depeche Mode To Drop New Album ‘Delta Machine’

Dave Gahan and Martin Gore (KevinWinterGetty Images)

Dave Gahan and Martin Gore (KevinWinterGetty Images)

One of the most daunting tasks Martin Gore of Depeche Mode faces is writing an album. He says he feels a lot of pressure until he gets three or four songs done, then it becomes easier. He says it really is a bit like riding a bike. Depeche Mode will put out “Delta Machine” tomorrow. Gore says that title is a nod to the two influences in their music, blues and electronic. You might not think of Depeche Mode as a blues act, but Gore says it’s been part of their sound all along. He says “Personal Jesus” has blues undertones to it.

Martin Gore of Depeche Mode says he doesn’t think about how a song will sell when he’s writing:

Martin says starting to write an album is a daunting task:

Martin Gore  says people think of their sound as electronic but they have a heavy blues influence:

Martin says once he starts writing, it gets easier:

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