Jack’s Top 10 DON’TS on Facebook

First, Jack’s List Of Social Media DONT’S

1. No Posting How Far You Run
2. Never Tell How Much Weight You’re Losing
3. No Pictures Of The Meal You Cooked
4. No ‘Vague-Booking’ *
5. No Tagging Friends In Photos With A Meaningful Message (Happy Mother’s Day To All The Beautiful Women in My Life)
6. No Tagging Friends In Spams for Free Airlines (et al)
7. No Checking-in To What Hot Spot You’re Patronizing
8. No Pictures Of Your Kids In Their Underwear!
9. No Ranting Using More Than 4 F-Bombs
10. No Twitter-Synching on Facebook – @jeff #whocares

Now The News Story: (Which backs up our list, thank you.)

Social media users have been known to be guilty of over-sharing aspects of their lives. According to a survey conducted by Sweatband.com, the worst offenders are those who constantly update their friends and followers about their diet and fitness regime, which 53-percent say is the most irritating of social media habits. Other posts people find particularly annoying include photos of meals and *vague or cryptic status updates about being unhappy. Respondents are also irked by people who “check in” to locations wherever they go. More than half say updates like these have forced them to cut back on how much social media they use.


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