Best Tweets At The Oscars (Twitter’s Comedians)

Last night, comedians went wild on Twitter. Jack believes in following as many comics as possible.

According to People she (Kristen Stewart) cut her foot very badly 2 days ago stepping on glass.” Did she step on her comb too?

Got damn! She said pussy! I have to excuse myself for a few.
Tommy (Lee Jones) should win something just for having to wear that awful wig.

Amour looks like two hours of eating noises

Michael Douglas looks AMAZING for Kirk Douglas

Lauren Greenberg@LaurenGreenbergFollow

Whenever I hear the word “brave” at an award show, I expect to see Lena Dunham.

Justin Shanes@justinshanesFollow

This musical tribute is why Javert jumped off the bridge. #oscars

Renee! (Zellwegger) FOCUS GURRL, you’re on TV!

OMG. Did Ben Afleck just bitch slap Seth with his comment?!!!

Felt bad for Jennifer Lawrence falling at the Oscars last night. It wasn’t her fault — she tripped over Ann Hathaway’s nipples!

During the Oscars tomorrow, Al Gore & John Travolta are sure 2 root 4 Silver Linings Playbook since they both apparently like happy endings!



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