Sing Along With Manti: A Top 5 Playlist

All week long the news has been filled with stories about Notre Dame Linebacker Manti Te’o, and, of course, the stories aren’t about his football stats.

In case you’ve been under a rock for the past few days, the news cycle has been getting lots of mileage out of Manti Te’o and his “girlfriend” who died of cancer. The “girlfriend” in question turns out, never actually existed. For more on this story, check out Dan Leach of CBS Detroit‘s take on it.  As Leach says, “I might not be the smartest guy in the world, but I do know that if you’re dead it is pretty impossible to Tweet, unless the Ghost Whisperer is holding something back from us.” So without further adieu, enjoy our  Top 5 songs for Manti Te’o and his “girlfriend.”

1. Chi-Lites – “Have You Seen Her?”

2. Temptations – “Just My Imagination”

3. The Doobie Brothers – “What A Fool Believes”

4. Billy Idol – “Dancing With Myself”

5. Genesis “Invisible Touch”

Honorable Mentions:

  • “Liar, Liar” – The Castaways
  • “Little Lies” – Fleetwood Mac
  • “Who Are You?” – The Who
  • “She’s Like The Wind” – Patrick Swayze
  • “These Dreams” – Heart

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