Freaked Out By The Mayan Calendar? Watch An End Of Times Movie…

The Mayan Calendar runs out tonight or tomorrow (12-21-12) and Debbie-Downers worldwide say that means the end has come. NAH! The Mayans just ran out of room, or ran out of the room for tequila. But if you’re really freaking out and need to be talked down and out of giving all your possessions away, read this article by NASA scientists.

Anyway, I’m celebrating with a combination of favorite pastimes – MAKING A LIST and WATCHING MOVIES…

The Top 6 Films For Welcoming The End Of The World.
(No serious downers allowed.)

The Day After Tomorrow

The Incredibles

Independence Day

The Terminator

Shaun Of The Dead

I Am Legend (close to being a downer)

-Lee ‘Don’t Stop Thinkin’ About Tomorrow’ Callahan


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