More Footage From ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’ Released

More footage from upcoming summer blockbuster The Amazing Spider-Man was released over the weekend. It’s part of Sony’s viral marketing campaign for the film, Mark Of The Spider-Man, which unveiled “mysterious graffiti” in Atlanta, Denver, Los Angeles, New York, Phoenix and Seattle. Let’s hope the first trailer causes more interest than a few new Spider-Man symbols spray painted randomly around U.S. cities.

spiderman1 e1329775547598 More Footage From The Amazing Spider Man Released

(Photo from YouTube video)

NME reports “the 46-second exerpt from the film shows Peter Parker, played by Andrew Garfield, meeting the doorman of love interest Gwen Stacy” played by Emma Stone. The Hollywood reboot of the Spider-Man film series promises to tell ‘The Untold Story’ of Peter Parker. “The new film delves into the history of the mutated high-school student, as he stumbles across a mysterious briefcase holding clues as to the disappearance of his parents.” Denis Leary plays Gwen’s father George Stacy, heading the police efforts to stop your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man.

Garfield seems well suited for the title role, but it’s quite a departure from his Golden Globe nominated performance as Eduardo Saverin in 2010‘s The Social Network. Amazing Spider-Man Director Marc Webb says his version contains “darker, more intense feelings” than Sam Raimi‘s popular Spiderman trilogy, but promises fans that the “irreverent and fun” aspects of the mythology will remain. As you can see from the trailer, there will be plenty of web-slinging eye candy when The Amazing Spiderman is released worldwide July 3rd.


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