Top 10 Eddie Van Halen Solos [VIDEOS]

2. “Cathedral”

Perhaps lesser known than some of Eddie’s other solos is “Cathedral,” which is named after his unique playing style meant to mimic a cathedral organ. Watch how he does it in the below video, rapidly turning his volume knob up and down while finger-tapping. It remains one of the most distinctive solo performances in rock & roll history.

1. “Eruption”

You can exhale now: “Eruption” made the top-10, and it’s in its rightful place as the #1 Eddie Van Halen solo of all time. He wrote and performed many other solos, some faster and some more unique. But no solo captured listeners’ imaginations like “Eruption” did on Van Halen’s debut album.

Eddie’s work on “Eruption” sums up his playing style, with its unbelievable picking chops, whammy-bar dives, and finger-tapping that took the style to a completely new level. Every fast tapping solo you hear happened because of Eddie.

Did we leave one of your favorite Eddie Van Halen solos out of the top-10? Let us know in the comments!

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