Top 10 Eddie Van Halen Solos [VIDEOS]

Eddie Van Halen is one of the greatest and most influential guitarists to ever play a note – and he remains an absolute shredder. Where were you when you heard “Eruption” for the first time? Celebrate his career with the top 10 solos he ever played.

10. “Spanish Fly”

Eddie proved himself a bona fide shredder with the first Van Halen album, but critics questioned whether he could sound as good on an acoustic guitar. Safe to say he did so with the furious finger-tapping and unimaginably clean chops he shows on “Spanish Fly.” Have you ever heard an acoustic guitar played so fast?

9. “Hot for Teacher”

Well of course one of the fastest, wildest Van Halen songs is going to feature an Eddie shred-fest! More effortless chops abound for the blues-driven “Hot for Teacher” solo – and don’t forget the shreds at the very end!

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