Wilco’s Jeff Tweedy Turning TV Weatherman?

Wilco‘s Jeff Tweedy took a turn at being TV weatherman during Chicago’s WGN morning show. Tweedy isn’t considering switching careers, which as you can see from the clip below, is a good thing for both Wilco and weather fans. At one point Tweedy says “I’m sure you’re just getting up, you’re wondering what to wear today. The last thing you want to see is a guy from Wilco doing the weather.

SPIN reports “In the span of a minute, the Wilco frontman managed to ruin breakfast with a doomsday joke, riff on viewers’ literacy, and throw his palms skyward no fewer than ten times — all while the band’s Shot in the Arm played in the background… Dressed in a button-up jean shirt with one hand jammed into his front pocket, Tweedy was precisely the opposite of the bald, straight-laced forecaster who tasked him with reporting the week’s weather.”

While it’s clear Jeff’s no meteorologist, this performance could usher in a whole new wave of Rock n Roll TV weather reporters.

Ok, maybe not based on Tweedy’s Forecast:

Fortunately Jeff is much better as his regular job:


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