Top 5 Reasons to Look Foward to the End of Summer

Labor Day means two things. First… THREE DAY WEEKEND!

The second is that summer is over. This can be somewhat depressing to a few of us, especially if you spend those warm months plopped down on a beach chair soaking up some sun and breathing in that refreshing salt water air.

But come Tuesday, when we all head back to work or school and are feeling a little down about the end of Summer, just remember there are reasons to look forward to what’s ahead. And that’s why we’re presenting to you the Top 5 Reasons to Look Forward to the End of Summer!

The Start of Football Season/Playoff Baseball

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We had a bit of a scare there, but football season is happening. Football turns Sunday into Funday. Get together with friends, chomp down on wings, drink beer, it doesn’t get better than that. And we have months of it, practically every day of the week, if you watch college football too.

And we can’t forget about playoff baseball. This is pure, concentrated magic. And since we’re New Yorkers, we always have a team in the mix. It breaks down into three groups:

  1. Yankees fans.
  2. Mets fans for Yankees (Takes affect after Labor Day).
  3. Mets fans for Red Sox (because Mets fans are tormented by Yankees fans too much all year).

Since I’m a Mets fan, here’s a little something to take away the sting of this horrid 2011 season.

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