The Make Jack Laugh Competition Doesn't End Here!

make jack laugh The Make Jack Laugh Competition Doesn't End Here!

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What do you call a room full of comedians?  We don’t know ’cause we’re not one of them.  We’ll leave the jokes to the professionals.

If you’re kicking yourself from missing the laughs at the last qualifying round of the Make Jack Laugh comedy competition, no worries, we’ve got you covered.  We have weeded through the funny and the not so funny comedians and are presenting the best of the best on April 1st (no April’s fools joke here) at an exclusive FREE Make Jack Laugh event at the Snoqualmie Casino Ballroom.  Invite your friends, neighbors, mailmen, baristas, cab drivers, yoga instructors and don’t forget that special someone you’ve been wanting to ask out.  Joking aside, the finale will consist of the top ten comedians going head to head for your vote.  If that’s not enough comedy for you, world renowned comedian Rich Vos will also be performing.  Come and vote for your favorite comedian!

Save the date: April 1st @ Snoqualmie Casino -An exclusive FREE Make Jack Laugh event with Rich Vos and your top ten comedians.

Full details on how the top ten were chosen: Make Jack Laugh 2011 Comedy Competition


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