Finalist: Make Jack Laugh Comedian Jen Seaman

mjl jen seaman Finalist: Make Jack Laugh Comedian Jen Seaman

Photo By Parlor Live Comedy Club

Check out the comedy musings of Make Jack Laugh contestant Jen Seaman

After watching his performance, please rate it by participating in the poll. Thumbs up is yes, and Thumbs Down is No. Does she have what it takes to Make Jack Laugh?

Remember, these are comedians so the content may not be safe for work, or around children.

  • Jen Seaman

    Yes, does HE have what it takes? ;)

  • Joe Polizzotti


  • Ducky

    I was going to say something mean, but I won’t. Good luck……

    • JenSeaman

      Thank you? 3/12 was my birthday so I appreciate it?

  • Chad Denick

    I was lead to believe this would be a nude performance… *sigh*

    • JenSeaman

      Yeah…so was I…*sigh.*

  • Timmi

    I caught Jen in a little place in eastern Washington last summer. She wasn’t the headliner but in my mind she should have been. She made me laugh out loud waaaaay more often than the headliner did! Keep rockin, Jen.

    • JenSeaman

      Awwwh thanks!!! =)

  • katcarroll

    Got me laughing mid day in the midst of piles of work! THANKS Ms. Jen!

    • JenSeaman

      Welcome!!! =) Glad I could help.

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