Holy _________ Batman!

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batmobileweb Holy           Batman!

(Photo by Jason Kirk/Getty Images)

The infamous Batmobile from the 1995 film “Batman Forever” will be auctioned off this weekend as a part of the “Collector Cars of Fort Lauderdale” event in Florida.

For the person who purchases this vehicle, you’ll have a hell of a time driving and parking it. The  car driven by Val Kilmer in the movie is 25-feet long and the fin in the back brings the height to 10 and a half feet. Good news though, the Batmobile is expected to go for anywhere between $225,00 and $300,000.  The car came from a $2.5 million body mold and cost approximately $300,000 to construct, so it’s practically a bargain.

No word on whether it drives up walls or withstands bullets as it did in the film. I’m thinking…not.

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