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charlie sheenweb Follow Charlie Sheen on Twitter!
(Photo by Riccardo S. Savi/Getty Images)

Haven’t had enough Charlie Sheen rants for today? Don’t worry, you can now get them via Twitter in 140 characters or less. In a matter of minutes, Charlie Sheen gained more than 60,000 followers…and he hasn’t even tweeted yet!

It’s been a busy week for Mr. Sheen. His show Two and a Half Men has been suspended, his publicist quit, and his plans fell through to live in a house with porn stars.

Apparently Sheen won’t be doing any more interviews anytime soon, so I guess we will have to resort to him enlightening us with his deep thoughts via Twitter.

And as I finish writing this, @Charliesheen has posted his very first Tweet.  We can all now sigh in relief.


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