Elementary, My Dear Watson

108024491 Elementary, My Dear Watson

Getty Images/Ben Hider

Yesterday, IBM’s new supercomputer “Watson” made it’s first appearance on Jeopardy. Part of a three part series, yesterday’s Jeopardy game was both impressive…and pretty creepy. With a voice like Hal, Watson spouted off answers before Jeopardy superstars Ken Jennings and Brad Rutter could even buzz in. But as images of War Games and Eagle Eye came to mind, the computer thankfully made at least one mistake when it repeated an incorrect answer already given by Ken Jennings. Despite this setback, Watson ended round one with $5000, tied with Brad Rutter.

So will we be living in a world run by monotone computers by 2020? Or will Ken and Brad be able to prove that (for now) we are still smarter than computers? Tune in tonight and tomorrow to find out!


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