The Most Dangerous Age Is . . . 40?

40 year old virgin The Most Dangerous Age Is . . . 40?

rollenran/ Flickr

This comes from an Australian study but we’re afraid it applies over here too. According to the report, the age when you’re most likely to die in an accident is 40.

The study found that people aged 40 averaged the highest number of deaths from the five most common fatal accidents:  Car accidents, poisoning, falling, drowning, and choking.

The researchers say, quote, “Surprisingly, it is not the young who are most at risk of accidental death, but those approaching middle age.”

Generation-by-generation, people zero to 18 are most likely to accidentally die of drowning 19 to 30 are most likely to die in car accidents 31 to 45 are most likely to die of poisoning . . . and 46 to 64 are most likely to choke or fall.  You see, you now have another excuse to stop counting your years after 39… or you do it when you get to 35?


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