Women Would Rather Give Up Sex for 3 Months Than Gain 10 Pounds

women miss pupik Women Would Rather Give Up Sex for 3 Months Than Gain 10 Pounds

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What’s more important to you: Having sexual relations . . . or not getting chubby? If you answered “not getting chubby” . . . well, you’re probably a woman.

 According to a survey by Nutrisystem, 52% of American women say they would gladly give up sex for three months . . . if it meant not gaining ten pounds.

25% of men . . . I’m guessing most of whom are married agreed.  No sex for three months is better than ten extra pounds. 25% of both genders said they’d rather lose 10 to 20 pounds than get promoted at work.

 73% of both genders would give up TV, their cell phones, or their computers for three months if it meant losing weight.

Now . . . here comes the rub.  Even though so many people are clearly focused on losing weight, 46% of people said they refused to diet at all this summer, because it would’ve meant giving up too many of their favorite foods.

51% of Americans have tried some kind of diet within the past two years.  And 35% have dieted at least six times in their lives.


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