You’re Now Never More Than 115 Miles from the Closest McDonalds

mcdonald pointnshoot You’re Now Never More Than 115 Miles from the Closest McDonalds

pointnshoot/ Flickr

I’m happy but my arteries and heart no so much. It is official, there are McDonalds everywhere.
I guess it’s weirdly comforting to know that you’d never have to drive more than two hours to get yourself a Double Quarter Pounder With Cheese, a large fries and, if the season’s right, a Shamrock Shake or a McRib.

According to the latest numbers by the website, in the continental U.S., you are never more than 115 miles away from a McDonald’s.

That’s actually further than it used to be.  A McDonald’s in northeastern California recently closed down, making it just a little harder for someone in northwest Nevada, near the Sheldon National Antelope Refuge, to get to one.

Before that restaurant closed, no American was ever more than 108 miles from a McDonald’s.  Now, when you’re in northwestern Nevada, you’ll have to drive an extra seven miles to get to one.


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