What’s The Most Seductive Dance Move a Guy Can Do? Here’s the Answer

guy dancing jaybergesen What’s The Most Seductive Dance Move a Guy Can Do? Here’s the Answer

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There’s finally a scientific explanation for why guys like to stand on a dance floor, nod their heads, and just barely move their feet to the music. Turns out, that’s the sick dance move that gets you lucky.

Researchers at Northumbria University in England and the University of Gottingen in Germany just finished a study where women ranked those two moves as the most impressive things a guy can do on the dance floor.

The sexiest dancing you can do is to move your head and right knee to the beat of the music.  And if you add some extra flash to those moves . . . like shaking or twisting your head and knee . . . it’s even better.

According to the researchers, those dance moves were more important than using the left leg, the hips, the elbows, the wrists, or the arms.

So things like: fist pumping, the Kid n’ play, the running man, the hula, shooting off finger guns, and air guitar are all somehow less sexy than just bouncing your head and popping your right knee.

The researchers don’t know why the head and right knee are the most seductive male dance techniques, but they think, somehow, women biologically tie those moves to good health, strength and genetics.


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