Clothing Manufacturers Are Tricking You With The Size of Your Pants

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pants burstyriffic Clothing Manufacturers Are Tricking You With The Size of Your Pants

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I know you want to believe that you are not putting on weight and that you still wear the same size of pants, sorry, they are lying to you. Turns out there’s a pretty big difference between having a 36-inch waist and wearing size 36 pants. “Esquire” magazine compared pants labeled with 36-inch waists from different stores and manufacturers, and found that none of them were actually 36 inches around. All of them were bigger.

H&M, 37 inches.

Calvin Klein, 38.5 inches.

Alfani, 38.5 inches.

Gap, 39 inches.

Haggar, 39 inches.

Dockers, 39.5 inches.

Old Navy, 41 inches.  (!!!)

The reason for this is pretty obvious . . . clothing manufacturers want you to feel good about the waist size you’re squeezing into, and make you more likely to actually buy their pants.

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