Can Conan Really Rock a Guitar or What?

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conanjoackclack Can Conan Really Rock a Guitar or What?

And the answer is “Or What…”

On Connan’s Dec 22 show, he had invited Jack Black to promote his movie Gulliver’s Travels. After promoting his movie and talking fatherhood for a while, the conversation moved to music and how Tenacious D is a more serious rocking band than Conan’s Legally Prohibited Band…

As suggested by Connan’s sidekick, Andy Richter, they decided to settle it in a rock-off or guitar-off.

We all know how great Black is with his guitar, but to everyone’s surprise, Conan was really ripping it! With riffs more proper of a Jimmy Page than a Connan O’Brien, Conan was leaving as the absolute favorite…

The only problem is… he was not the one playing… That was Slash playing for him!

Can we say that Jack Black won a guitar off against Slash??? May be…

To watch video, follow this link. The Guitar off is almost at the end of the clip.

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