How Long Can You Wait in Line Before You Lose It?

waiting in line david ortez How Long Can You Wait in Line Before You Lose It?

David Ortez/ Flickr

You are doing your shopping for Christmas and those infinite and long lines are killing you. A survey just determined how long the average person can stay in line without going bananas. If this study is true, I’m way less patient than the average person. Because after I stand in line for about two or three minutes, I completely lose patience for the entire concept of waiting in lines, and the idiots who hold them up. What about you?

According to a survey by the Payments Council in England, the average adult can wait patiently in line for 10 minutes and 42 seconds before they start getting angry.

For people over 55, their patience runs out the earliest, at nine minutes, 30 seconds in line.People under 35 are the most patient . . . they don’t start getting angry until an average of 12 minutes, 18 seconds . . . but they’re also the most likely to get into arguments with strangers in the line.

People ranked grocery store lines as the most frustrating.  Lines at the post office are second, airport check-in lines are third, and airport security lines are fourth.

The survey also found that 21% of people do their shopping at night to try to avoid longer lines.

About 25% of people say they pass time in a line by daydreaming . . . and 13% of people try to pass the time by talking to random strangers.


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