The Majority of People Who Own a Pet Will Give It a Christmas Present

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dog matt cardy The Majority of People Who Own a Pet Will Give It a Christmas Present

Matt Cardy/ Getty Images

My dog gives me presents all year long mainly in small piles in the living room when I leave him home alone for too long. So it’s only fair to give something back. How many americans do you think buy presents for their pets during Christmas?

According to a poll by the Associated Press, the majority of pet owners, 53%, plan to give their animal or animals a gift for the holidays.  And with the way Americans love their pets, that’s no surprise.  In fact, we’re surprised it’s that low.

 Dogs are more likely to get presents than cats, 56% to 48%.  Women are also more likely to buy gifts for their pets than men.

What about you? Are you planning on giving your pet a Christmas present?

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