The Most Annoying Word or Phrase of 2010

dictionary greeblie The Most Annoying Word or Phrase of 2010

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A team at Marist University in Poughkeepsie, New York released the results of a poll of the most annoying words or phrases of the year. Think, what’s the word or phrase you are sick and tired of hearing over and over again?

It’s been like 15 years since every sitcom punchline involved some character saying “Whatever” . . . but the scars are still cutting us deep, every day.

39% of Americans picked “whatever.” “Like” came in second place, with 28%.

“You know what I mean” came in third, with 15%.”To tell you the truth” came in fourth, with 10%. And “actually” came in fifth, with 5%.The other 3% aren’t sure.  (Oh whatever.  Make up your minds.)

In 2009, “whatever” was also picked as the most annoying word of the year.  The rest of the top five from last year was:  “you know” . . . “it is what it is” . . . “anyway” . . . and “at the end of the day.”


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