Best Online Pick Up Line in the World

lips milishor Best Online Pick Up Line in the World

Milishor/ Flickr

Here’s the new secret of seduction. Well, it’s online dating seduction, but that still counts. So guys, ready to get dates galore when I reaveal to you the line that will make women fall at your feet on free dating sites everywhere? A dating site called Badoo surveyed almost 200,000 users, using 11 different languages, to come up with this list of the most successful online flirting lines to say to women.

And number one is . . . “You have beautiful lips.”  It worked across all cultures, languages, and nationalities.  Here’s the full top six list of compliments that work on women online . . .

#1.)  Lips

#2.)  Skin

#3.)  Ears

#4.)  Legs

#5.)  Clothing

#6.)  Hair

For U.S. women, after lips, complimenting their clothing was the next-most-successful line.


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