The Ten Most Dangerous Foods To Eat While You Drive

coffee justin sullivan The Ten Most Dangerous Foods To Eat While You Drive

Justin Sullivan/ Getty Images

I think it’s fairly dangerous to eat anything when you’re driving even having one hand on a Pop Tart knocks your safety down a little bit.  But according to car insurers, the foods on this list crank the danger up even more.

And they all seem to have at least one of three qualities:  They’re either hot, greasy, or messy.  Well, except for soda.  Not sure how that snuck on this list.  Anyway, check ’em out . . .

#1.)  Coffee. 

#2.)  Hot soup.

#3.)  Tacos.

#4.)  Chili.

#5.)  Hamburgers.

#6.)  Barbecue.

#7.)  Fried chicken.

#8.)  Jelly donuts.

#9.)  Soda and other soft drinks.

#10.)  Chocolate.


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