Animated Taiwanese "News" Reports About Miley's Bad Behavior

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miley animation Animated Taiwanese "News" Reports About Miley's Bad Behavior

Those crazy Taiwanese animators are at it again  this time with a video “news” report about Miley Cyrus’ bad behavior. Like many of their previous videos, this one is an instant classic.

Miley takes her bong hit and hallucinates a giant brown bear.  Then she throws up.The video also shows Tish Cyrus leaving Billy Ray for Bret Michaels who’s shirtless but wearing a top hat.In one of the more random moments, a teenage boy looks at a racy picture of Miley, and gets attacked by a nun.

And in the end, Miley crashes through a window and drives off with either Britney Spears or Lindsay Lohan in Herbie the Love Bug. 

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