Most Counterfeited Items Of 2010

uggboyugggirl Most Counterfeited Items Of 2010

UggBoyUggGirl/ Flickr

If you just got an incredible deal on some UGG boots from a guy standing outside a Pizza Hut you’ll never believe this, but they’re probably fake. If you thought your boyfriend went crazy because he got you some Tiffany jewelry for Christmas, I wouldn’t be celebrating that fast. A website called SiteJabber just put out a list of the top 10 counterfeited items and brands for 2010, and in most cases they’re cheap knockoffs of luxury brands that most of us would have a tough time buying legit.

#1.)  UGGs

#2.)  Coach handbags and other leather items

#3.)  Tiffany jewelry

#4.)  Athletic jerseys

#5.)  Perfume

#6.)  Nike sneakers, especially Air Jordans

#7.)  Ed Hardy and Juicy clothes

#8.)  Watches, mostly Rolex, Omega, and TAG Heuer

#9.)  North Face, especially jackets

#10.)  DVDs, mainly box sets of TV series


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