Ten Most Depressing Jobs In America?

nurse greggoconnell1 Ten Most Depressing Jobs In America?

greggoconnell/ Flickr

“Health” magazine just put out a list of the 10 most depressing jobs in America . . . based on a study of how many people at each of those jobs suffered with major depression in the past year. So if you’ve got one of these and you’re not depressed congratulations, you’re ahead of the curve.

#1.)  Nursing home and child care workers.

#2.)  Food service staff.

#3.)  Social workers.

#4.)  Health care workers.

#5.)  Artists, entertainers, and writers.

#6.)  Teachers.

#7.)  Administrative support staff.

#8.)  Maintenance and grounds workers.

#9.)  Financial advisors and accountants.

#10.)  Salespeople.

–Of course, in this day and age, not having a job is even more depressing than having a depressing job.  Nursing home and child care, which was number one on this list, had an 11% major depression rate.  Unemployed people came in at 12%.


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