Don’t Chop Your Tree For Christmas, Buy It Online

christmas trees justin sullivan Don’t Chop Your Tree For Christmas, Buy It Online

Justin Sullivan/ Getty Images

 More and more people are buying their Christmas gifts online than ever before . . . and while you’re there, you might as well virtually chop down a tree, too.

According to Harris Interactive, this year about 3% of people will buy their Christmas trees online.  That doesn’t sound like a lot, but that comes out to somewhere between 840,000 and one million trees.And it doesn’t mean they’re buying plastic trees.  People are buying real, live trees.  Target and Costco are both selling live trees online, and so are several smaller local tree growers.

Target is selling trees starting at $80, including free shipping.  Costco’s start at $99, and also include free shipping. 

what’s your tradition? Fake, real, no tree?


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