The Best Place To Celebrate Thanksgiving This Year Is . . . Akron, Ohio?

thanksgiving family picnik The Best Place To Celebrate Thanksgiving This Year Is . . . Akron, Ohio?

NealeA/ Flickr

Do you want to know where’s the best place in the country to spend Thanksgiving? No, not wherever your family is not at, come on! Apparently, if you want to have the best Thanksgiving celebration this year, you should take your talents to . . . Akron, Ohio. Yes, really. According to a study by Pepto-Bismol and, there ain’t no Thanksgiving like an Akron Thanksgiving.

They ran a survey that asked where you’re going for Thanksgiving, how many people are attending, and how many dishes are being served.  They also looked at data on the increase in inbound holiday airport traffic and turkey consumption.

 And when you add that up, Akron is #1.  They have some of the largest Thanksgiving dinners, at 7.63 people and 6.44 dishes.  The airport there sees a 3.78% increase.  And they consume 105% more turkey than average.  

 #2.)  West Palm Beach-Boca Raton, Florida

#3.)  Columbus, Ohio

#4.)  Fort Worth-Arlington, Texas

#5.)  Las Vegas, Nevada

#6.)  Rochester, New York

#7.)  Salt Lake City, Utah

#8.)  Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minnesota

#9.)  Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

#10.)  Warren-Troy-Farmington Hills, Michigan


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