Today Is “National Opt-Out Day”

tsa john moore Today Is National Opt Out Day

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If you’re flying out of town today you might want to head to the airport YESTERDAY! Because you may find yourself face-to-face with lines like you’ve never seen before.

By now, everyone knows about the TSA’s new screening plan. About 20% of people will be selected for full-body scans that show what’s under your clothes. You can refuse and instead get a full-contact, intimate pat-down.

So a movement started online to make today National Opt-Out Day. That means: If you get selected for a body scan, protest by saying NO and make the TSA officer pat you down instead.

The thought here is that pat-downs take longer, about four minutes, versus the body scans that take 10 seconds. And if everyone’s opting out and slowing the process down, it will send a message to the TSA and the federal government.

The choice of today for National Opt-Out Day is no coincidence… the Wednesday before Thanksgiving is the biggest and busiest travel day of the year.

If you try to opt out of the full-body scan AND the pat-down you could be facing an arrest or a fine up to $11,000, though.

You can find more info about National Opt-Out Day on


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