Eva Longoria And Tony Parker Did A Video.. Ahh The Mistress Was in it Too

eva longoria pool Eva Longoria And Tony Parker Did A Video.. Ahh The Mistress Was in it Too

Pool/ Getty Images

Last December, Eva Longoria and Tony Parker did a music video. It was a remake of the “Summer Nights” scene from “Grease”, and they dressed up like the characters and lip-synced to the original song.
Eva played Sandy or the Olivia Newton-John role and Tony was Danny a.k.a. John Travolta.It was part of some kind of promotional campaign for the San Antonio Spurs.

Well, the video has been kicking around on YouTube for about a year . . but it has some special significance now, because Eva asked her “good friend” Erin Barry to play the bad girl Rizzo in the clip.Erin is the woman whose textual relationship with Tony ended his and Eva’s marriage.  Erin’s husband, Brent Barry, was a teammate of Tony’s on the Spurs but he had left a year before the video was made.

If you know your “Grease”, then you know that Rizzo can’t stand Sandy.  And during this particular song, as Sandy is bragging about how wonderful Danny is, Rizzo says, quote, “He sounds like a drag.”Then, in what nobody saw as foreshadowing at the time, Rizzo even kicks Sandy off a bench.


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