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Did The Pope Say Condoms Are Okay? He Probably Got A DVD Of Kate & Joe Plus 8

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pope peter macdiarmid picnik Did The Pope Say Condoms Are Okay? He Probably Got A DVD Of Kate & Joe Plus 8

Peter Macdiarmid/ Getty Images

Pope Benedict the sixteenth, like the Popes before him, has always been very anti-condom. In the strict Catholic sense, you shouldn’t use contraceptives because sex is for procreation, and condoms stop procreation. Well, there’s a new book coming out called “Light of the World” featuring a long interview with the Pope.  And in the book, he actually says that condoms are fine in certain circumstances.

In the interview, the Pope says that condoms actually can be justified in some cases, where they can prevent the spread of diseases.  And the example he cited was male prostitutes who can risk spreading diseases.

He did also say, though, that using condoms doesn’t make gay prostitution OK . . . it’s still wrong.  But if people are going to do it, they might as well not spread disease.  Many Church observers say these comments are revolutionary.  What do you think?

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