Adam Sandler Spent $800,000 On Cars For His “Grown Ups” Co-Stars

grown ups stephen lovekin1 Adam Sandler Spent $800,000 On Cars For His Grown Ups Co Stars

Stephen Lovekin / Getty Images

Chris Rock woke up a few days ago and found a $200,000 Maserati sitting in his driveway.  It was a gift from his “Grown Ups” co-star Adam Sandler, just to celebrate the fact that the movie was a hit.

Adam did the same for their other co-stars, David Spade, Rob Schneider and Kevin James, which means that he splashed out $800,000 on cars for these guys.  Not that he can’t easily afford it.

Rock said “I went outside the other day and I had a new Maserati in the driveway.  Now I think that I’m Adam Sandler’s (B-word).  The movie’s like the biggest thing for [Sandler], he appreciates the help.”

“Grown Ups” is out on DVD and Blu-ray today.

Here’s some “Grown Ups” behind the scenes footage…


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