Nobody Cares About Bret Michaels’ Life… as I Know It

bret michaels ethan miller Nobody Cares About Bret Michaels Life... as I Know It

Ethan Miller / Getty Images

Instead of doing a fourth season of “Rock of Love”, Bret Michaels and VH1 decided to do a more “real” reality show called “Life as I Know It”.

But apparently, America is NOT as interested in Bret’s “real” life as they are in watching him getting it on with 20 groupies on a bus…

“Life as I Know It” premiered to an audience of fewer than 850,000 viewers last Monday night.

By comparison, the three “Rock of Love” seasons debuted to 1.6 million, 3.7 million and 2.1 million viewers, respectively.

Preview of “Life as I Know it”


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