Eight Halloween Costumes For The Ladies And What They Say About You

halloween 2 ethan miller picnik Eight Halloween Costumes For The Ladies And What They Say About You

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Halloween is next weekend, which means you’re probably still scrambling to find the perfect costume. But choose carefully ladies . . . because according to the people at iVillage.com, your costume says a lot about you.
–Here are eight costumes ideas, and what they supposedly say about you

#1.)  FAIRYTALE CHARACTER.  A fairytale character costume like Tinkerbell, Snow White or Dorothy from “The Wizard of Oz” means you’re looking for that fairytale happy ending.
If you choose a more twisted fairytale character . . . like a wicked witch or a Disney villain . . . it means you’re playfully naughty, and that you might have some less-wholesome fantasies to act out between the sheets.

#2.)  HEROIC FIGURE.  Dressing up like MOTHER TERESA or JOAN OF ARC shows that you’re an over-achiever, an idealist, or maybe kind of a feminist.

#3.)  SEX SYMBOL.  Dressing up as Marilyn Monroe or a “Playboy” bunny doesn’t mean you’re EASY.  But it’s a pretty obvious sign that you’re confident about your sexuality, on the one night where it’s totally socially acceptable.

#4.)  CLOWN, GUY, OR OTHER “FUNNY” COSTUMES.  A clown costume, a LUCILLE BALL costume, or dressing up as a GUY show that you see yourself as free-spirited and entertaining.
Women in funny costumes are totally approachable at Halloween parties . . . it shows they’re fun, they have a sense of humor, and would probably be cool to spend time with.

#5.)  MATCHING COUPLE.  Costumes like Frankenstein and the Bride of Frankenstein, or a nurse and a doctor, shows that you’re a tight pair, and your relationship’s in sync.

#6.)  SILLY COUPLE.  Dressing like Homer and Marge Simpson, or Fred and Wilma Flinstone shows that you’re a fun couple, you both know how to have fun on your OWN, and you’re not going to spend the whole night connected at the hip.

#7.)  SEXY COUPLE.  If you want to go as a couple but spice things up a little, you can do something like Tarzan and Jane, or James Bond and a Bond girl.  But it shows a BIG gender split:  He’s in charge, and she’s the sex object.

#8.)  DOMINATRIX AND A GUY ON A LEASH.   If you don’t know what the roles mean here, it’s not the costume for you:


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