The Top Topical Halloween Costumes For 2010

bed intruder taylor hill The Top Topical Halloween Costumes For 2010

Taylor Hill/ Getty Images

Want to look cool this Halloween? Want to be the soul of the party? I can help you!
The website just put out a list of the top 11 topical Halloween costumes for 2010. Here are five of our favorites . . .

#1.)  THE CHILEAN MINERS.  This is a good group costume.  Everyone needs flannel and suspenders or jumpsuits . . . some Oakleys . . . and a little charcoal on the face.

#2.)  THE “BED INTRUDER” GUY.  The best viral video of the year was Antoine Dodson of Alabama warning people to “hide ya kids, hide ya wife.”  Pay your tribute with a long black wig, a red bandanna, and a black tank top.

#3.)  A TEA PARTY MEMBER.  If you want to impress your few remaining liberal friends, wear a tricorner hat like an old patriot, a Palin button, and carry an anti-OBAMA sign that contains a misspelling.

#4.)  THE OLD SPICE GUY.  Assuming you’re handsome and muscular enough to pull this off . . . oh, and black . . . wear white pants or a towel, a sweater tied around your bare shoulders, and carry a bottle of Old Spice.

#5.)  KATY PERRY AND RUSSELL BRAND.  This is a good couples costume.  For Katy Perry, wear a ton of makeup, a ’50s-style bathing suit, and a blue wig.  For Russell Brand, wear a long scraggly wig and stop showering right now.

So did you pick up your favorite yet?


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  1. I’ve read My Booky Wook and nowhere does it say he doesn’t have a wash every now and again. If you really want the russell brand look, you’ll need the wig admittedly, but also a psuedo mockney accent, a horse mask and shirt with the buttons removed down to the navel (I’m just jealous).

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