Can a Ringtone Increase The Size of Your Breasts?

pamela  kevin winter Can a Ringtone Increase The Size of Your Breasts?

Kevin Winter/ Getty IMages

Good news and bad news. The good news: We’ve got a really easy way for any women listening to increase the size of their breasts naturally, painlessly, and quickly! The bad news: You’re gonna have to get rid of your “California Gurls” ringtone.
Hideto Tomabechi is a doctor in Japan, and he believes that you can increase the size of your breasts just by changing the ringtone on your cell phone.

The special ringtone doesn’t sound like much . . . just a lot of out-of-tune rock music . . . but hidden inside of it are subliminal messages.

Tomabechi says those messages are the sound of a baby crying and that sound is known to make the breasts start growing.  The messages also tell the body to take fat and allocate it away from the stomach and butt and give it to the breasts.

In a test he did with the Discovery channel, a woman listened to the ringtone 20 times a day for 10 days.  And her breasts grew almost one-and-a-quarter inches. Tomabechi isn’t just a random snake oil salesman, either.  His work is so respected that the Japanese government has brought him in to de-program brainwashed terrorists using only music and subliminal messages. 


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