Who would You Choose If You Were To Get-It-On With Any Politician?

sarah palin jemal countess Who would You Choose If You Were To Get It On With Any Politician?

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The dating website Zoosk.com surveyed 1,000 single Americans and asked them which politician they’d most want to date . . . if, you know, our politicians weren’t so ethical and were actually willing to have affairs.
Sarah Palin was the number one answer for men, with 32% of the vote. (you know that if she becomes president, you’ll get your wish granted as she will probably screwed everybody, heyyoooo)

She beat out Delaware’s up-and-coming Tea Party Wiccan Christine O’Donnell who got 22% . . . New Jersey’s Teresa Ruiz, who got 18% . . . Hillary Clinton who got 6% . . . and Condoleezza Rice, who got 5%.For the other gender, 33% of women say that the male politician they’d most like to get-it-on with is San Francisco’s mayor, Gavin Newsom.

He beat President Obama, who got 24% . . . Massachusetts senator and former model Scott Brown who got 15% . . . Arnold Schwarzenegger who got 14% . . . and the most likely affair candidate of all, John Edwards, who got 5%. The survey also found that 87% of single people say they’d happily date someone outside of their political party, and 51% would date a member of the Tea Party. 

So what about you, given the chance to have sex with any politician in America, who would you choose?


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