The Simpsons, Bloodsucker Edition

thesimpsons The Simpsons, Bloodsucker Edition

Nevada Tumbleweed / Flickr

Halloween’s getting closer and The Simpsons are getting ready for their 21st “Treehouse of Horror” special.

It’ll air Nov. 7 and this year, it’ll be all about “Twilight,” or “Tweenlight,” as they’ve come to call it. And of course, there’s no “Twighlight” without Robert Pattinson.

Pattinson will not be participating in the show; so, who will play him them? Daniel Radcliffe will! Harry Potter himself will be Robert Pattison’s voice for this episode!

He’ll play a mysterious new student in Springfield that Lisa will be falling head over heels for… Will she become a vampire too?

Here’s Edmunds portrait.

the simpsons edmund 150 The Simpsons, Bloodsucker Edition

FOX: "Edmund" on "The Simpson"


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