Justin Bieber And Lady Gaga: Youtube Monsters

lady gaga Justin Bieber And Lady Gaga: Youtube Monsters

Kevin Winter/ Getty Images

Justin Beiber and Lady gaga are absolutely tearing up Youtube. According to a company called TubeMogul, which tracks and analyzes video performance on the Internet, within the next month, both Justin and Lady Gaga are projected to surpass one billion all-time views on YouTube.

If Lady Gaga keeps up her current pace, she’ll hit that milestone around October 20th.  Justin is expected to make it around November 1st. But Justin is the hottest thing on YouTube right now.  In September, he averaged 3.7 million views a day . . . while Gaga got hit up 1.8 million times a day.

And since March 1st, Justin has been averaging 3.8 million views a day versus 2.5 million for Lady Gaga.–Over the past six months, Justin has had four of the Top 10 videos on YouTube . . . and his “Baby” video is the site’s most-watched video of all-time.  It has over 345 million views.Justin’s “Never Let You Go” video is #22 with 92 million views, and “Never Say Never” is 28th with 86 million views.

Lady Gaga’s “Bad Romanceis #2 all-time, with 288 million views.  “Just Dance” is 11th with 123 million views, her homoerotic “Alejandro” video sits at #26 with 87 million views, and “Telephone” is 31st with 85 million views.


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