Welcome To The Month Of JACKtober!

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jack o lantern sized1 Welcome To The Month Of JACKtober!

Flickr/Randy Son Of Roberts

It’s finally here, the month of JACK-tober!  What the” $#*! My Dad Says” does that mean?  Well in a word…lots!

Issaquah Salmon Days,  [lastfm]Jack Johonson [/lastfm]at the Gorge, John Lennon’s Birthday, Hawks, Cage Sports and oh yeah Halloween.  So much it will make your Jack O Lantern spin.

It’s all right here, and easy to find on the Jacktivities tab.  Plus,  if you want to put some Jack down and purchase tickets we’ve got you covered there too.

One more reason that Playing What We Want is just the beginning, so go ahead and enjoy yourself this JACK-tober.  You know we will.

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