Horror Movie Fans, Rejoice! Or Be Terrified! Paranormal Activity 2 Is Coming

post thumbnail3 Horror Movie Fans, Rejoice! Or Be Terrified! Paranormal Activity 2 Is Coming

I’m a bit of a horror movie snob. I find most American horror films to be rather trite, reusing ‘shock and awe’ conventions like gore and things suddenly appearing on screen in lieu of preparing a proper ambiance. These things startle you, but a real horror movie should effectively play off the viewer’s own fears, allowing them to slip seamlessly into the terrifying situation they are watching. That’s why I enjoy movies like Paranormal Activity. Using a rather limited set of visual and audible tools, Paranormal Activity delivered an unnerving experience using a somewhat unconventional method of filming.

This is why I was so excited to see the trailer for Paranormal Activity 2. From what I can tell, a new family is in the same house, and the situation on the ground doesn’t seem to have improved at all for the non-ghosts in this film. I’d post a trailer here, but the website the trailer is on has hidden easter eggs (for example, try rewinding once you’re near the end), so you’re best bet is to hop over to the movie’s website and check it out

Do you share my sentiments about crappy American horror? Maybe you should tell me about some great horror movies in the comments below! (Sorry no Hostel fans allowed.)


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