Meet Isabella, The 106-Year Old Virgin

106yroldvirgin Meet Isabella, The 106 Year Old Virgin


Sounds like Andy Stitzer in 40 Year Old Virgin is feeling pretty good about himself right about now. However, that is just a movie. Real life Scottish woman, Isabella Blyth, is a happy, go lucky, normal lady. Except for the fact of being 106 years old, and has yet to lose her v-card, or even kiss a man for that matter. She attributes her longevity and happiness to never having been romantically involved with anyone. 

Isabella claims she never felt the need for romance and that living a life of abstinence made her a physically and mentally stronger person. While other women she knew were wrapped up in romantic drama , Isabella was enjoying a stress-free life—singing in the church choir, enjoying her career as a secretary, gardening, playing golf, pounding drinking sherry, and all-around loving her life without LOVE. Can you imagine that? Never being romantically involved with anyone? Sounds a LOT more stressful, if you ask me.


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