Marty & Jodi Podcast – Episode 93

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While some scientists are busy trying to eradicate disease and poverty from the planet, others are tackling an even more insurmountable task – trying to create a being that actually likes jazz.

Shimon – the jazz-loving and playing AND improvising robot, developed by engineers at the Gerogia Tech Center for Music Technology – is making his West Coast debut this Labor Day Weekend at Bumbershoot.  He’ll be joined by other unusual and creative musical inventions at a Bumbershoot exhibit called SOUNDS HUMAN (Lopez and Fidalgo Rooms, September 4-6, 2010).

Co-curators of the exhibit, Lele Barnett and Kathy Lindenmayer, and one of the renowned artist/musicians that’s being featured, Trimpin, are our esteemed guests today on the podcast.

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